The “Ugra-Classic” Concert and Theater Center

КТЦ.jpgThe autonomous institution of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra "The Concert and Theater Center 'Ugra-Classic'" was opened on 5 August 2002 on the initiative of the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra.
The mission of "Ugra-Classic" is providing to the people of Ugra, who make a significant contribution to the Russian economy, an opportunity to enjoy high art in their own Ugra land, meet the best performers of the regional, national and global scale. The underlying Concert and Theater Center's concept   implied the integration of Ugra into the general cultural environment  of Russia.
Total area of the facility is 20,000 sq. m. The Center has 4 Halls (the Great Hall, the Organ Hall, the Transforming Hall, and the Press Hall), the conference hall "Amadeus", the Art Salon, the "Onyx Light" foyer, club-restaurant "Vienna Cafe", a hotel for 30 rooms (including 1 "premium" and two "deluxe" rooms), a winter parking for 50 cars, the artists' rooms, offices and technical areas.
The "Ugra-Classic" Great Hall is the multi-functional facility with 1,000 seats capacity, which may be divided into several zones:
Orchestra stalls (the area of the front rows below the stage level) with a technical capability for the orchestra stalls transformation by means of raising them to the amphitheater level; the Amphitheater (stepping rows rising over the orchestra stalls); the Balcony; the Side-boxes on the lower and the  upper levels. The comfortable chairs with the special acoustic properties were made to order in Italy.
The total area of the Great Hall with the stage is 747.5 sq. m. The working depth of the stage is 18.5 m., the width - 15 m., the turntable diameter is 11 m., and the stage opening - 7.6 x 18m. The decorations can be fixed and raised with the help of 16 electro-mechanical and 20 manual flying bars. The state-of-the-art light and sound equipment of the hall supports the highest level of the events organizations. The Great Hall is equipped with the professional film projector Ernemann-15 DigitalAudio and Dolby sound. It has 4 different size projection screens and a large, 60 sq. m. LED screen.
органный зал.jpgThe artists can take advantage of the 2 'coiffeur' rooms and 11 spacious make-up rooms each of which is equipped with mirrors, dressing tables, toilets and showers.
  The 200 seats Organ Hall is the place for chamber concerts. It was there that in 2005 the unique Fazioli concert piano, specially made for ‘Ugra Classic’ by a famous Italian  high-end maker of hand-built pianos Paolo Fazioli, was heard for the first time in Russia.
The Concert and Theater Center's Press-Hall houses the press-conferences, meetings with the journalists, and briefings. The Hall is equipped with the simultaneous interpretation system. During the international film festivals special screenings of the contest program films are organized for the journalists in that hall. For a long time it was home to a cinema club "25th Frame".
The "Transformer" studio hall for 80 seats offers a capability to place the stage and seats for the audience on any side. This makes it possible to implement many of the innovative stage director's ideas. In addition to the chamber performances the hall is also used as a place for club meetings, talk-shows, exhibitions, and rehearsals.
Холл КТЦ.jpgThe Art Salon is a multi-functional space decorated in the classical "palace" style intended for the creation of a positive atmosphere and comfort in anticipation of the performance and during the intermissions. The Art Salon is a place for organizing the Christmas parties, balls, presentations, and buffet receptions.
The club-restaurant "Vienna Cafe" in addition to the high class restaurant service offers to its guests various club concerts in a cozy atmosphere, club meetings, and an opportunity to meet their favorite artists. The novelty of the past season were the "home concerts", the informal events in the retro 1960s-1990s style which gained immediate popularity.
The "Amadeus" Hall gained new importance after the Khanty-Mansiysk "Russia - European Union 2008" summit. The video-conference systems allowed to organize press-conferences and meetings of the highest level, as well as the round table discussions, etc.

Dear guests and participants of the Forum, we invite you to make a virtual tour of the Concert and Theater Center.

The CTC "Ugra-classic" on the map.