About Khanty-Mansiysk

About Khanty-Mansiysk

Ханты-Мансийск.jpgKhanty-Mansiysk is the administrative center of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra, its territory is 337.76 sq. km. The capital of the region is rightfully believed to be one of the most beautiful and unusual cities of Western Siberia. The city, located on the seven hills only 20 kilometers away from the meeting place of the two great Siberian rivers - the Ob and the Irtysh - is proud of its unique natural landscapes. The Ugra capital is one of the top five largest municipalities of the Autonomous Okrug.

Khanty-Mansiysk is a "green" city. Almost one third of its territory is covered with forest. And along its perimeter the Autonomous Okrug capital is surrounded by a nature reserve - the Nature Park "Samarovski Chugas" occupying the area of 6.7 hectares and featuring relic species of coniferous trees. The famous Khanty-Mansiysk cedars are called the "natural lungs" of the city. Khanty-Mansiysk is an ecologically clean city also because of the lack of any large manufacturing companies in its territory. An indication of the air purity in winter is the color of snow - here it stays pure white.

The capital of Ugra is quite compact, therefore it is difficult to distinguish the center from the periphery of the city. It could be that as such it does not exist . This is a very harmonious, cozy and compact city. All territories of Khanty-Mansiysk look very well kept, modern, and have all the necessary infrastructure - schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, shopping malls, road junctions, and coffer shops.

Мамонты.jpgThe area between Engelsa, Mira, Chekhova, Kalinina, and Dzerzhinskogo streets is considered to be the city center. Main streets fan out from the central square of the city housing the buildings of the Government and the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra and many other business, cultural and entertainment facilities, and shopping centers.

The city is known for its historical part - Samarovo. It maintained it traditional atmosphere inherited from the ancient northern peoples who lived in this land from the old times. It too has its central square, not far from which there is the newly built on the old foundation 'Protection of the Blessed Virgin Church', and the river-boat station - the modern, comfortable transportation node.

And also, according to almost all our guests, in the magic and mysterious Khanty-Mansiysk district of Samarovo one can meet the wandering mammoths. An unprepared tourist may stumble right into them going down the Samarov mountain slope. In the twilight haze this cinematographic picture strikes the imagination. This is the unique sculpture group "Samarovo Butte" Archeopark located at the foot of the Samarov mountain and representing the figures of the ancient animals who lived in the area during the Paleolithic Age. This place is both ancient, mystical and modern, which has become a major attraction for the locals and the guests of the city alike.

Мост.jpgAnother trademark of the city is a bridge over the Irtysh river nicknamed the "Red Dragon" owing to its "aggressive" architectural design and its painted red structures. This is one of the most beautiful bridges not only in Siberia, but also in Russia. The bridge was built in 2004. It connected Khanty-Mansiysk with the western part of the Autonomous Okrug and its nearest large city Nyagan (280 km). The bridge has 14 spans and is 1,316 m long. This unique engineering structure has been added to the list of the bridge engineering achievements for its technical and technological characteristics, but also for its beauty and grandeur.

Khanty-Mansiysk is known as the city hosting many large international business and sports events: World Biathlon Cups, the 39th World Chess Olympiad, the International IT Forum with the participation of BRICS and SCO member states, the International Debut Film Festival “Spirit of Fire”, the International Environmental Action “Save And Preserve”, the Winter Deaflympics. Биатлон.jpg

Every year over 100,000 tourists visit Khanty-Mansiysk, the city hosts over 30 large regional, national and international scale events.

Welcome to Khanty-Mansiysk - the city of the active people, the warm and open hearts!

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