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Карминская Т.Д..jpgDear participants!

The first F.K. Salmanov International Academic Oil Congress will be hosted by the “The Ugra State University” on 21-22 February 2019 in Khanty-Mansiysk in memory of the outstanding pioneer of the wealth of Siberia discovery.      

Russia is blessed with the unique mineral resource potential which makes it a global leader in terms of the natural gas reserves, and one of the top five world leaders in terms of the oil, nickel, gold, coal, and iron ore reserves. This natural wealth is the world heritage and the natural competitive advantage of Russia, a foundation for the country's mineral resource security, and the guarantor of the oil industry's strategic interests.

The mineral resource base was and is one of the main national revenue sources and the guarantee of maintaining the country's export potential for at least mid-term perspective. The production levels of the currently operating oil and gas fields will inevitably run down.

A reserve for maintaining production at the existing levels may be found in the new regions, and the new promising land and offshore provinces. Another significant potential for production growth is associated with the enhanced oil extraction from the already producing oil fields owing to the development of the hard-to-recover and the non-traditional reserves.

The development of the hard-to-recover and the non-traditional reserves is not a tribute to a passing fashion, but a powerful potential for the innovative industry growth and the involvement in production of the new oil fields in the traditional oil production territories. The potential of the non-traditional reserves is tremendous - the development of the Bazhenov suite alone may result in a twofold increase of the state reserve register estimate, which would require the development and implementation of the new cost-efficient production methods, and hence the new future specialists' competences and qualifications the across the whole production cycle.